She Provoked Her Lover Sexually- See What She Got

She is a fine lady, sexy and tall. She has big breasts and round hips. She is an epitome of beauty and sexiness. Every man who sees her wants to go to bed with her. But she has a lover; the man she loves with her heart.

One evening, they decided to go out and have fun in one of the neighboring joints. The woman intentionally put on a very short skirt with no panties. Her sexy thighs were all exposed. She sat on a chair to do make up so that she would look nice. His lover looked at her and observed that she was panty-less. Her pussy was visible. He wondered what her lover’s intentions were, yet he was not prepared to offer her sex on that day. He was tired and just wanted to relax. “Obviously, she wants it today”, he said to himself.

They left the hotel room, went to the bar where they took their favorite drinks. They also danced to music and shared lots of erotic stories. They left the bar and returned to the hotel room.

The woman began to make moves which drove the man crazy. She bent in front of him, shaking her hips in a sensual manner until the man got an erection. She moved her hand and inserted it in her pussy, a clear indicator that she wanted to be fucked. She also cupped her breasts, moving closer to her lover while making fake moans as if she was being fucked.

The man could not take it anymore. His trouser was on the verge of getting torn due to a hard erection. But there was one thing he was going to do before he satisfied her.

“You knew I was tired tonight. Yet you still insist on getting your way, when you want it. OK, now we’re going to play my way!” He grabbed her and inserted his penis in her mouth. He fucked her hard in the mouth until she admitted that it was enough.

He then proceeded to her wet pussy. He fucked it as if he was under influence of drugs. The woman screamed loudly. Her moans caught the attention of neighbors. But who cares. After all they were here to enjoy. The lady changed to different sex positions so that the man could concentrate on pumping her. She even swallowed his balls when administering him a blow job. It was a naughty sex session.

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