The Life of St. Johns Wood Escorts

What do you do after you have been an escort worked for St. Johns Wood escorts for quite a few years and I know that it can be difficult to know what to do afterwards. Now, a lot of girls who work for West London agencies only stay for a few years, and they go back to college. I worked there a lot longer than that, and only left to get married. It was very common in those days. You met someone special, and that was the end of your escorting career. Now, the girls save all of their money and do something different.

St. Johns Wood Escorts

St. Johns Wood Escorts

The trend of foreign escorts is growing among St. Johns Wood escorts agencies. The girls who come from abroad work for a couple of years, and then they go back to their own home countries. Most of them have made stacks of money, and they take it with them to their country or origin. It seems a bit strange to me, but I suppose it fits in with their lifestyle. From what I hear, many of them never work again. They go back get married and have a couple of kids. Maybe escorting is their plan and how they kick start their lives.

A lot of English girls who become St. Johns Wood escorts seem to save their money. They wait until they have enough money to buy an apartment without a mortgage, and then save some more. After they have enough money in the bank, they go to college and university. There are even a couple of for escorts from St. Johns Wood who have become doctors. Their earnings from the agency have helped them out through medical school. That is very smart in a way, and of course they do not end up with any students debts.

The bosses of St. Johns Wood escorts agencies complain a lot about not being able to recruit girls. Most of them say that they have to recruit from abroad. Once the girls are in London, they very seldom have a lot of experience. In such cases, the bosses start them of in other agencies in North London. They wait until they have some experience, and then they move the girls to the better agencies. I suppose it is a good idea but the program does not a bit of time. Some of the girls who come over expect to earn top dollar straight away, that simply doesn’t happen.

Do I miss St. Johns Wood escorts? Sometimes I do but I still keep in touch with some of the bosses and the madames. Running the my own business certainly helps as it allows me to stay in touch with the industry. I get to find out what happens. I have noticed over the last few years, that more and more agencies are opening up in other parts of London. Many of these agencies seem to be doing better than central London agencies. A lot of gents have started to date locally, and leave the big ticket agencies to the businessmen and foreign visitors.



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