London Escorts – does woman want their men to Lie to boost herself?

Recognizing that this guy isn’t your source for love, but your goal is to find out whether or not he’s on the right path with you, whether or not you’re going to co-create your relationship together. So this article is to find out where he is and what he wants so that you can make sure that you’re attracting the right guy into your life according to London Escorts of cheap London escorts.
How to have this conversation in a way that opens him up. Pre-frame the conversation and invite him to be honest. Now it’s important that you understand how men operate and two very strong desires that men have wired up inside of them.
Number one, men had a subconscious desire to have their thoughts respected.
Number two, men have a deep, driving desire to please you.
Men want you to trust their thinking. They want you to trust their plans. They want you to trust their ability to provide what it is that you want and they want those plans and what they’re providing to bring you joy. They want to deliver happiness to you.
When they do that, it literally juices us up. It triggers something inside of us that gives us this sense of manhood, this sense of like, “I am a stud,” right? And every man loves that feeling. So how does this play out in communication? Remember, if your goal is to get him to be honest with you, men will be honest in a relationship until their women encourage them to lie.
Now, you might be thinking, “I’ve never encouraged my man to lie.” Well, maybe, maybe not. Let’s actually peel the layers back. Let’s take a closer look at this because most women, at one point or another, have encouraged their man to lie.
So here’s how this plays out. You want your man’s opinion. And most women want their man’s opinion only when it’s in alignment with what they want to hear – they’re fishing for a certain outcome. And if what he says is in conflict or not in alignment with what she wants, how does that woman respond?
Typically she’ll get defensive. She might get mad. She might start crying. Crying, just so you know, is like kryptonite. It’s like the plague. A man would rather have his arm chewed off by an alligator than give his honest opinion and how he honestly feels generates tears and crying in his woman. It is horrible. So those kinds of responses are the exact opposite of what your man deeply wants, which is to deliver happiness to you.
So when a woman gets defensive, when she stars crying, she might start criticizing him, you know, “How can you feel that way after this and this and that and blah, blah, blah?” When she starts doing that, she’s communicating to him that, “I don’t want your honest answer. I want the answer that I’m looking for.”
So there’s a great way to encourage a man to be honest with you because remember, that’s your end goal. It’s to get him to be honest with you.


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