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Most of the girls here at London escorts say that it takes most women longer to experience an orgasm, but I can come just as quickly as a guy. I seem to get super excited really quickly, and all of a sudden I am there. My boyfriend is not complaining at all, but he finds the fact that I like to have several orgasms when we have sex is hard work.

Nena, one of the girls who works for London escorts, also likes to have multiple orgasms during sex, and makes sure that her partner knows how to give them to her, My boyfriend is pretty good with his hands, but a few of the girls that I work with at escorts in London have been telling me about sex toys. I would love to have a go at that, so I am going sex toys shopping with a couple of the girls from escorts in London on my day off this week.

My boyfriend was not very happy to come, and he said that he would probably feel awkward when it comes to buying sex toys. Well, if he still does not like the idea, I suppose we could go sex toys shopping online. Nena, my senior friend here at escorts in London, has tried to look into why some women orgasm really quickly. It seems there is a powerful mind and body connection. Some women get super excited and actually work themselves up to an orgasm.

I have spoken to some of the other girls here at London escorts, and it seems that many of them actually do recall their deepest sexual fantasies when they have. Many of the girls believe this is why they may orgasm quickly, or experience multiple orgasms when having sex with their partners. If you orgasms quickly, does it mean that you have less than satisfactory sex? No, it does not mean that at all. But, some of the girls at escorts in London say that they once they have had two orgasms they start to feel a bit exhausted.

I can totally relate to that, and when I have several orgasms, it does feel like I am a bit tired. Other girls here at London escorts say that they can just keep going and going. Could it be that we are all wired differently? If you are finding it hard to experience an orgasm there are several things that you can do. Sex toys are great, and it could be a matter for the gent to let the girl come first. Also, the male orgasm tend to feel the same every time. The female orgasm simple does not work that, and us ladies may experience different strength of orgasms. Sometimes they are really strong and make you want to scream, and sometimes they are kind of more gentle and quieter. I don’t have a problem, I like all sorts of orgasms. It is just a matter of learning how to appreciate them.


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