Boobs vs Breast Feeding

I don’t understand the need for some women to breastfeed in public. Recently I have been thinking about it a lot. It is almost like some of these women like to rebel against public opinion. The other day, I was having coffee with the other girls at London escorts in a nice coffee shop in London, when a woman decided to breastfeed her baby. I found it rather off putting and so did the rest of the girls from London escorts.

Is it okay to show your boobs off in public? Most of the girls here at London escorts have very generous cleavages and I guess we all like to show them of a little. It is not the same thing as breastfeeding in public at all which I think is a very personal experience. If you have a nice cleavage like London escorts, there is nothing wrong with showing off your cleavage if you have nicely shaped boots. What about going topless on the beach? It depends on where I am, but I don’t mind going topless and the rest of the girls at London escorts like to go topless as well.

Being able to get an overall tan is very nice, and it gives you a lot of confidence. I am not sure that all London escorts go topless on the beach but a lot of girls do like to have a nice tan, so I guess that they do. Are we in general being too generous about showing off our bodies? Perhaps that we are showing off our bodies a little too much. Personally I think that we are influenced a lot by media. Take a closer look at adverts in magazines such as Cosmo and you will find that the models seem to be wearing less and less. Are we influenced by that? I think that we have become influenced by the press.

Certainly a lot of the girls here at cheap escorts are say that they are influenced by what they see in magazines. I am as well, and I have noticed that I have changed my attitude towards how I wear my clothes. Would i ever breastfeed in public? No, I would not breastfeed in public. I know that babies need to be fed, but you can ask for somewhere to feed your baby in private. One of the girls here at London escorts who had a baby last year says that she plans her life around the baby. She knows when the baby normally needs a feed, and she makes sure that she is somewhere private she needs to feed her baby. Maybe that is part of the answer. We should not impose our babies and breastfeeding habits on others. At the moment I think that we are doing that and we should all be responsible for our own behaviour. Yes , your baby needs feeding, but I can’t understand why so many ladies like to share this very personal experience with what seems to be the entire world.


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