Are you new to dating escorts?


A couple of months back I was completely new to dating escorts. It was an experience which did not come natural to me and after my divorce I was a bit emotionally vulnerable. At first it felt really uncomfortable but eventually I got used to the experience. I don’t exactly know why I was so reluctant to call my first London escorts agency but I felt a real failure. My marriage had fallen apart and I could not muster up the strength to go out and date. I was worried that I was going to screw up another relationship if I met somebody nice.

London escorts services changed all of that. After the first couple of dates I started to get my confidence back again and I was enjoying life a bit more. It was a strange feeling, almost like a reawakening of my soul and spirit. When I looked at myself in the mirror I seemed to look younger and I was walking with a bit of a spring in my step. The girls I was meeting through the London escort agency I was using, always managed to cheer me up and make me happy.

Looking back at my life, I realized that I was pretty screwed up after my divorce. It was a really hard experience and my wife managed to get custody of both are children. That was probably the worst part, not the fact that she had been unfaithful. I had always thought that we had a good marriage as I had been able to provide for our little family very well. I know that it meant traveling but it was the only way I knew how to earn money. I have told my Cheap London escorts about what happened and they just could not believe it.

I traveled abroad twice a month for about 4 -5 days. Most of the time it was to the United States but I always made sure that I was home on a Friday. I used to love spending the weekend with my two daughters and they used to love me. We used to have lots of fun together and sometimes I wonder if my wife got to be envious of our relationship. One Friday afternoon when I came home, I discovered my wife in bed with another man and that was it. Within days I had moved out I told my London escorts girls and my married life was over.

My wife got custody of the two girls but fortunately they come and see me almost every weekend. That gives my wife an opportunity to spend time with her toy boy lover and I get some time with my two favorite girls apart from my London escorts. This is not the way i wanted things to be but I am okay with it for the moment. It is not an easy life style but I am managing at the moment. I still travel for work but I always look forward to coming home to all of my London girls.



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