One of my Barnfield escorts friends asked me the other day if oral sex is safe.


She had given a new boyfriend of hers a blow job and she wasn’t sure she should have done so. Naturally I asked her why and she said that she had a mouth ulcer at the time. Okay, you are not going to catch HIV from mouth ulcers and you are very unlikely to catch HIV from receiving oral sex from an infected person, but you can catch HIV from giving an infected person a blow job. Many prostitutes who would like to brand themselves as Barnfield escorts give blow jobs off without protection and this is highly dangers.

So, what about my Barnfield escort friend who gave her new boyfriend a blow job when she had a mouth ulcer. The simple truth is that you should not be doing so neither. Mouth ulcers are a sign that you have an active herpes infection. There are many different strains of the herpes virus and some of them are active in our bodies all the time. However, the problem is the herpes virus which causes mouth ulcers can also cause genital herpes. I had to tell my Barnfield escorts friend, Sue, that she should not have given her boyfriend a blow job with an active mouth ulcer.

There are also other infections which can be caused by oral sex. The girls and I, the girls being my Barnfield escorts friends like, were chatting about oral hygiene over lunch the other day. The conversation sort of slipped into oral sex and we started to talk about Michael Douglas and his oral sex addiction. He had enjoyed giving oral sex to his wife and his girlfriends, and had actually developed cancer as a result. Most of my Barnfield escorts friends thought that sounded a bit weird but it isn’t at all. He had simply picked up the Human Papilloma Virus from his girlfriends. The Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) can not only give women cervical cancer but it can also men throat and mouth cancer. This is what happened to Michael Douglas.

All Barnfield escorts are aware of the dangers of oral sex. The Barnfield escorts that I spoke to are keen for the dangers of oral sex to be taught during sex education classes in school. At the moment there are very few sex education classes that even touch on the dangers of oral sex, but the fact is that in can be just as risky as normal penetrative sex. However, most of young people and seniors do ignore the dangers of oral sex and continue to enjoy its many pleasure. Doctors know that oral sex can indeed be very risk but yet they seldom talk about it.

Isn’t it about time that we were a bit more open and honest about all forms of sex and used some real sex education in schools. It would probably cut down the risk of infection and maybe we would end up with a much healthier generation at the end of the day.


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