Angelina, every time I heard that name it sounds like an angel to me, a beautiful lady, and a good woman.


I still can remember how Angelina came to my life, because of her, I have continued my life. I almost gave up before frustrated with my family and still blaming myself for my past relationship. I have many things running on my mind. I feel like the world is breaking me into pieces until I can’t breathe anymore. I was so problematic at that time; I had to deal with everything or else the people around me will be disappointed. I always work hard for my family, after my father left us, I try my best to stand as a father of everyone. My mom is sick, and she no longer can work. There was a time, I was a shortage of money, and bills are coming, tuition fees, my mother’s medications, etc. I am tired of it; my girlfriend left me because I am more committed to my family than her. I went for a while and went to London. I travel to Kent and find myself there. Unexpectedly to meet Angelina, she is the love of my life, and she gives inspiration to me. She taught me not to surrender life, and keep fighting. I am happy to meet a Kent escort of, and Angelina made me fell in love.


Well, I am so happy that finally, I found the love of my life. I never expected her, but I always pray that someday, I could finally meet her and be with me forever. All of us experienced love, and we know how it affects us. It changes us and makes us feel important. Love is the reason why we still grateful to wake up each day, even though lots of problems are coming our way. Also though we got many difficulties in life, we still manage to face it and go beyond our life. Love gives inspiration to us, its inspired us in many things, we are always ready to face the world, and have a good life. We always look forward to having a bright future. We always aim to make our life better; we want our future partner to have a comfortable life with us. We are always here to strive hard, and not afraid of tomorrow. When we are in love, it feels like all our pains and problems disappear for a moment. When we are in love, we look to the world as beautiful as it is, and become more appreciative, even on the little things. We noticed the changes in ourselves if before we are easily pissed off and get irritated,  it is different from now, the love changes us to smile often, and less drama. We become soft and feel joy in everyone around us.


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