Lovely Brunettes in Surrey

Last night I was sitting in a hot tub watching two hot brunette Surrey escorts pour Champagne over their bodies. My friend had brought me to a party in Surrey, but I did not know that the host had arranged for Surrey escorts from According to our more than generous host there are quite a few Surrey escorts agencies, and most of the Surrey escorts are elite escorts.


I had never met any escorts before, but I think I will certainly like to meet Surrey escorts again. They are just incredible hot, and I have never seen such sexy ladies. If, I ever get tempted to date escorts, I will certainly date Surrey escorts.


Last night at the party there were several escorts present just to “lighten up” things a bit, and I ended up spending time with two of the girls. They were both brunettes, and incredible stunning. I was really smitten by both of the girls, and ended up spending most of the night with them, and this morning I just can’t believe my luck. I have had to pinch myself several times.




Alma means soul in this young lady’s Spanish language, and soul is want Alma is all about, sinful soul, I would say. Hot and extremely desirable describes our Alma perfectly, and just her touch can bring you to a state of euphoria. Last night when I thought I could take no more of all the partying, Alma woke me up by letting her fingers walk slowly up my spine. Inch by inch, I could feel how she brought me alive again, and after an amazing back massage I drifted off into seventh heaven again.


When I came around again, Alma was still there with a glass of Champagne trying to revive my flagging senses. Alma teasing and pleasing was something that I had never experienced before, and I am not completely sure if I can handle it again. Satisfaction guaranteed it said on a small locket around her bronzed neck – I would certainly agree with that.




Amie is the other young lady that I had the pleasure to meet, and she was certainly a delight to savor. She had long brown hair which fell elegantly over her generous bosom, and our “bikini time” in the hot tub was well spent. Initially she struck me as rather wild, but I explained that this was the first time I had met escorts. She slowed things down a little, and explained what our time together would be all about.


Amie seemed to have huge amounts of energy, and was one of the escorts at the party that never tired. She just kept going and going, and in the end I did not know if I was coming or going – she just drove me wild with desire. Hot and sassy is probably the best way to describe this ultimate experience for an escorts virgin here in Surrey.


I have decided to call the girls the AA, and they certainly came to my rescue after a long week at work. Will I be seeing them again – of course I will. That is after I have fully recovered.


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